You made an excellent decision to work here and we trust you will be able to contribute to changing lives for the better – including your own. To ensure a successful onboarding, carefully review all of the information below.

(A number of your trainings or meetings may be done through Zoom teleconferencing. If needed, please consider the Zoom Quick Start Guide under the Resources section below. Please ensure your Zoom app is the latest version.)

You've Accepted an Offer... What's Next?

A Talent Acquisition Specialist from our Human Resources Department will reach out to you to share the details of your offer and go over next steps.

A Talent Acquisition Coordinator from our Human Resources Department will facilitate a number of emails to you, which includes:

  • SIGN your offer letter and job description via DocuSign.
  • AUTHORIZE the request for a criminal check via Universal Background.
  • SUBMIT your education, licensure, and/or certification(s) that are requirements of your position, if applicable.
  • COMPLETE all fields from initiate your I-9 form which is required to confirm eligibility to work in the U.S., if applicable.
  • SCHEDULE your pre-employment physical immediately. (Some employees who are part of Health Sciences will not have this requirement. If a physical is required, your offer letter will provide details and instructions.)

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By the Thursday prior to your start date, the Onboarding Coordinator from our Human Resources Department will email the exact day, time, location, and other instructions for your HR Onboarding & Orientation. This appointment will occur on a Monday and last 2 - 2.5 hours. Your first day of employment is found in your offer letter and usually corresponds with your HR Onboarding & Orientation date.

Please note that the schedule below does not apply when there is a holiday at any point within the week. For questions, you can reply to the emails sent to you from our Coordinator Team or call us at (619) 543-3200, option 3.

Your First Week

Day 1 Organizational Orientation

The following “Welcome to UC San Diego Health” video should be watched on your first official day of employment, before or after you attend the HR Onboarding & Orientation appointment.

Welcome to UC San Diego Health!

Employees whose position is represented by a labor union will be scheduled to meet with union representatives for 30 minutes as part of the HR Onboarding & Orientation. If represented by a union, your contact information has been provided to the union as they will need to send you pertinent information.


Monday, 1:00 pm-1:30 pm

Epic training for new team members who document in the electronic medical record will take place during the first or second week of employment. Registered Nurses hired into an inpatient setting who have previous experience and proficiency with Epic inpatient functionality qualify to take an Epic Test- out. To participate in the Epic Test-out, you must be complete the request on Day 1 of your orientation.

Learn More and Submit Test-out Request

Benefits Orientation (if applicable)

Monday, 2:00 pm-4:30 pm

If your offer letter indicated that you are benefits-eligible, you are invited to a Benefits Orientation. We are providing two different options for you, or you can do both.

Recorded Benefits Presentation

You are able to watch the following recorded Benefits presentation here:

Watch Recorded Benefits Presentation

Live/Interactive Benefits Presentation

On Monday, 2:00pm-4:30pm, you are able to participate in an interactive Benefits presentation. The content will be the same as the recording, but with an option to ask questions.

From or the Zoom App, click on Join A Meeting and enter the Meeting ID below:

  • Meeting ID: 860 0697 1008
  • Passcode: Benefits

Day 2
Information Systems Orientation

Tuesday is dedicated to completing self-paced online modules related to Information Services (I.S.) and your mandatory annual education. Consult with your supervisor if you have any questions about your schedule.

Information Services Orientation (1.5 hours)

Before starting the Information Services E-Learning Course below, you will need to have the email sent to your personal email address from or This email contains your I.S. access credentials required to activate your Active Directory (AD) and work email accounts.

Section 2 of the training may not be applicable to your role; however, we highly recommend viewing this portion thoroughly to see if any information may apply to you.

Information Services E-Learning Course - Click here to begin

After completing the E-Learning Course, if you have questions related to your Active Directory, email or DUO and/or did not receive your I.S. Access Email by Monday, we are here to help. Monday between 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM or Tuesday between 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM, you can log in to the following Zoom Meeting to receive immediate assistance from an I.S. Team Member. or the Zoom App

From or the Zoom App, click on Join A Meeting and enter the Meeting ID below:

  • Meeting ID: 869 0102 1977
  • Passcode: ISNEO

If you need assistance after 11:00 AM or at any other time in the future, please see our I.S. Contacts and Resources PDF.

UC Learning Center Overview (30 minutes)

This self-paced learning tutorial will guide you through the UC Learning Center and how to access your required educational modules. Epic is included in this tutorial although it may not apply to all employees. After completing this tutorial, you can begin your assigned modules in the UC Learning Center.

UC Learning Center (UCLC) – Click here to begin

Glucometer Training (If applicable)


LVNs and RNs (except Student Health nurses & East Campus nurses) working in our inpatient units (Jacobs Medical Center, Hillcrest Medical Center, Thornton Pavilion, Sulpizio Cardiovascular Institute) are required to attend glucometer training. This on-site training is scheduled for one hour.

LVNs and RNs working at East Campus (formerly Alvarado) are required to attend on-site training on day two of employment to include Glucometer, e-Learning, and safe patient handling. Time and location for training will be found in your HR Onboarding & Orientation email.

Epic Training (If Applicable)

If your position requires Epic training, your training schedule will be available on or after day 2 of employment when you login to the UC Learning Center. You will also receive a reminder email to your UCSD Health email address. For questions, please email:

Day 3 and Beyond:

General Nursing Orientation (GNO)

FOURTH WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, 8:30AM-12:30PM (except November & December)

All LVNs and RNs (except Nurse Practitioners, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, Certified Nurse Midwives, and Student Health nurses) are required to attend GNO: An Introduction to Nursing Excellence at UC San Diego Health. If you are an LVN or RN where licensure is not a requirement of your position (per your offer letter and job description), you do not need to attend GNO.

You will receive additional details to your personal email address the day prior to GNO. or the Zoom App

From or the Zoom App, click on Join A Meeting and enter the Meeting ID below:

  • Meeting ID: 875 7104 3223

Outpatient/Ambulatory POCT Training

First and third wednesdays, 1:00PM

RNs, LVNs, and MAs working in ambulatory clinic settings will be invited to attend Point of Care Testing training which includes glucometer.



RNs, LVNs, and MAs working in ambulatory clinic settings will be invited to attend an Ambulatory Skills Day IF APPLICABLE to your role and job responsibilities.

Department-Based Orientation

If you have not heard from your supervisor regarding a training schedule, please reach out to them directly. Your supervisor is listed on your offer letter.


Non-exempt employees who provide or support direct patient care in a hospital, clinic, or public health setting are entitled to meal periods as follows:

  • Shifts of 5 and up to 10 hours = 1 unpaid, uninterrupted 30-minute meal period.
  • Shifts of 10 or more hours = 2 unpaid, uninterrupted 30-minute meal periods.

If you are scheduled to work a shift of no more than 6 hours, you are allowed to waive the meal period. If you are scheduled to work a shift of 10 hours or more, you are able to waive one of your two meal periods. (Example: Many RNs are scheduled for 12-hour shifts. Having two meal periods would result in being at work for 13 hours. If you waive a meal period, it would be 12.5 hours.)

Waiving meal periods is completely optional and can be revoked in the future if the employee desires. To facilitate the waiver process, click here. From this page you will be able to learn more about the waiver process and submit electronically the Meal Period Waiver forms.

UCPath Elections

UCPath is the University of California's HR and Payroll system. After acquiring your computer credentials, you will be required to elect your federal and state withholdings, ethnicity and disability status, and enroll in direct deposit within UCPath.

Open UCPath

Make Your Selections in UCPath

  1. Direct Deposit: You can enroll in Direct Deposit by signing into UCPath, clicking on Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit.
  2. Federal and State Withholdings: You can access your federal and state withholdings by signing into UCPath, clicking Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > CA State W-4 and > Federal Withholding. If you are working outside of California, you will be sent instructions on how to complete the Out-of-State Income Tax Withholding form.
  3. Personal Information / Ethnic Group: You can update any personal information including your Legal/Preferred Name, Emergency Contacts, Mailing and Email Addresses, and your Ethnic Groups by logging into UCPath > Employee Actions > Personal Information > Personal Information Summary.
  4. Patent Acknowledgement: UC employees, persons not employed by the university but who use UC research facilities, and persons who receive gift, grant or contract funds through the university are all required to sign the University Patent Acknowledgment. You can review the Patent Acknowledgement form by logging into UCPath > Employee Actions > Personal information > Patent Acknowledgement.
  5. Veteran Status: You can select your veteran status by logging into UCPath > Employee Actions > Personal information > Veteran Status.
  6. Disability Status: You can select your disability status by logging into UCPath > Employee Actions > Personal information > Disability Status.
  7. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Self-Identification: You can self-identify your gender identity and sexual orientation by logging into UCPath > Employee Actions > Personal information > Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.
  8. Benefits: You have 31 days from your hire/conversion date to enroll for benefits. Once logged into UCPath, you will navigate to Employee Actions > Health and Welfare > Enroll In Benefits.


New UC San Diego faculty and 100% career staff employees are eligible for a one-time permit valid for 15 days of complimentary parking. (Employees who change appointments, departments or title codes are not eligible for this permit.)

obtain staff parking permit

Q: I logged into the parking portal but do not see an option for the temporary free parking permit. What do I do?

To be eligible for the temporary free parking permit, you must be a 100% career employee. If you meet this criteria and are unable to access the temporary free permit online, you may send a help request email to

Q: I am an hourly (non-exempt) employee. How do I clock in and out for my shifts?

If you are a Health System employee, you can find instructions here.
If you are a School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy or School of Public Health employee, you can find instructions here.

UC San Diego embraces the diversity of its employees and takes an inclusive approach to honoring this diversity with dress/uniform and appearance requirements. Priority is given to health and safety, security, and infection control considerations.

  • Professional & Safe Attire: Clothes should be neat, clean, and appropriate for the workplace and work duties. Employees are expected to demonstrate good personal hygiene.
  • Badges: Your badge photo will be taken during new employee orientation. Employees are expected to wear their I.D. badge while on duty. I.D. badges are to be worn in the upper third of the body, just above the heart, with the employee’s picture and name easily visible to patients and visitors. Lanyards are discouraged.
  • Nails: If working in direct patient care or food handling areas, artificial nails, tips and/or fillers including gel, are not allowed. Fingernails must be clean, groomed and moderate length, not exceeding ¼ inch past the fingertips.

More information on our dress code & appearance policy can be found here after you have active directory access, as well as from your department leadership.

Q: What is UCPath?

UCPath unifies and standardizes payroll, benefits, and human resources for all UC employees. It leverages modern technology and centralizes final acceptance of transactions to assure consistency, data integrity and policy compliance across the UC system.

Q: What is the UCPath Self Service portal?

After you have received your access information you will be able to access the UCPath self-service portal. The UCPath self-service portal is a website that gives employees access to their UC employment information. UCPath online provides you the ability to view and update personal information, view paychecks, sign up for direct deposit, update tax withholdings, view or enroll in benefits, see vacation and sick leave balances, and more in a user-friendly interface. Please see the image below regarding the various activities that can be completed within the portal.

Open UCPath